I'm a composer and producer based in Stockholm, Sweden. With a long history of branding several artistprojects in this era of independence, I've now set my sights on helping others fulfill their pursuit of a music career. 

With flexible services including composition, productions, mixes and mentorship, the full aspect of the creative studiowork is available. You can also find suitable tips and trixs for production, free samplepacks and presets.


In need of composion?

or any help with finalizing a production?

From basic ideas to complete arrangements with fully managed production on every step from begining to the end, artist management, recording, technology and post production.

A professional mix/masters carefully put together in all necessary formats needed to distribute your music to Spotify, iTunes & other music platforms.

You can join the session and do real time adjustments in the presence of the engineer with a nice cup of coffee in your hand.


With years of experience producing songs for live briefs in the Swedish and International market, offering services including mixing / productions with a vide array of genres and many years of experience as a teacher/mentor in the art of music- mixing/production in Stockholm, I’ve finally come to the conclusion to share all this with DIY-artists in need. And about the prices… It’s always customized for your personal needs!

A history of doing everything myself, from:

song idea → production → mix/mastering → music video → PR / marketing

In the begining I experienced the lack of support and knowledge surrounding a release completely. And that is unreasonable in terms of working time, knowledge and well-being for any person. You put high demands on yourself and feel the need to do every part of your project all by yourself, as it can be difficult to find equally driven collaborative partners. Therefore, I have the vision to be able to convey a more harmonious creation for other creators, where each individual creator's soul need only focus on their favorite topic. Joy and commitment should always go hand in hand with professionalism and results.






EDORA - For You

Edoras focus is to let the music speak for itself, and our new song For You is a totally different path in our musical journey.

- "For You is a song about friendship, believing and being there regardless of distance, and the emotional energy of both Elin and Antons vocals are storytelling about a very relatable topic in 2020. Social distancing. But this song was relatable even before the pandemic, due to the common history of all of our past. Having someone across the world, waiting for your call, and beeing able to feel connected thru a simple screen. Thats the world we’re living in today. And it’s kinda beautiful in a way.”

For You is the new Edora, and can be described as a soft popsong with elements of indie.”


November 2020



85 Serumpresets available for download

A free serum presetpack sound designed by HA-AN including the following sounds:

20 Exclusive Pads

● 20 Bass sounds (incl. 808’s)

● 15 Chords

● 15 Leads

● 10 Stabs/Plucks

● 5 Arpegiators


Scheduled for January 2021